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Ready to make your product love some humans?

Fantastic, because that's the business I'm in.

My work creates blueprints for your web app or iOS product.

Here are the Steps


First I need to understand your brand, product, and marketing plan. Depending on what growth stage you’re in, this process can vary. I research competitors and evaluate your analytics. I’ll interview clients and potential clients and watch people use your product in a controlled environment.


Nothing kills buzz quite like documentation created with no purpose. My main goal is to condense all of my research into a lightweight document that’s digestible and helpful. It sets the tone and makes sure everybody involved is on the same page.


Wireframing determines content layout, hierarchy, and structure. Interactive prototypes created from those wireframes mimic the site functionality. Task flows model processes like sign up. As iterative development cycles happen, these documents evolve along with the product.

A smart guy once said “We are not, can not, be moved by the ‘truth’ of information. We can only be moved by its relevance.”

We are also not moved by its predominance, quantity, or loudness. Web sites of the world, are you listening to this?

Persuasive content has to be relevant by definition, and relevance can’t happen without understanding who is consuming the information and how. Relevance is subjective

My work makes sure everyone involved understands the goals of the project and the people we’re reaching. It gives the team a platform for discussion from the earliest stages and lets designers design and developers develop. It puts content strategy at the forefront, since content is what determines structure.

Hiring me isn’t necessary for most projects, but the work I do always is necessary for a quality end product. Whether you hire someone or not, I encourage everyone to investigate, report, and create!